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Will Eating Less Than A Gram Of Weed Get Me High?

Firstly we need to look at what actually gets you high when eating an edible, that is of course the THC in weed....

Different types of bongs

We all have our reasons for smoking weed. Whether you are concerned about your health or wellness or just want to chill out, marijuana seems to be a great solution...

A Recipe For Making Cannabutter

Most people are aware of the benefits of CBD . If you read my site, you will realize that I personally love the fact that cannabis helps me sleep better...

Weed Smoking Games

The legalization of thc in some states in the U S, like Colorado, has resulted in cannabis news and content trending on the internet...

Things to Smoke Weed Out of

I get a sense that weed is taking over the world. The legalization of weed in locations in the US has resulted in marijuana conversation...

How To Make A DIY Grow Tent

Traditionally, marijuana has been illegal in many countries around the world and therefore many people have grown their own weed....

How To Make Weed Cupcakes

f you are looking for a fun activity over the weekend then I have some good news for you. I have put in some effort to try...

Will CBD Oil Make Me Sleepy

CBD and CBD oils are becoming increasingly popular. Companies are jumping on the cbd trend and are using cbd in all sorts...

Tasty Cannabis Edibles you can Make at Home

I love to make weed edibles for the weekend when I hang out at home and when I have...

About Me

My name is Robert and I have been smoking marijuana for 20 odd years now. I fell in love with my favorite herb in my early twenties and spent most of my free time advocating for the legalization of cannabis and of course smoking it. People often laugh when I tell them my hobby and passion is smoking marijuana but to me the act of smoking is a such a peaceful and spiritual thing. I've smoked cross joints in Amsterdam, ice bongs in Germany, bamboo pipes in South America and plan on adventuring and trying new techniques for the foreseeable future.

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