A Beginners Guide: First Time Getting High


What's in the article?

Congratulations on deciding you want to get high for the first time. The first time you decide to inhale cannabis is always an exciting decision to make and we would just like to say, welcome to the weed smokers community. Before you dive into smoking for the first time, we would just like to offer you some advice on getting high.

Setting The Scene

BowlOfCannabisWithFlowerIf you are in a country with similar laws to the United States (state dependent) then you should be all good to go in the eyes of the law, it’s always good to check the law before having cannabis or at least knowing what the punishments are for breaking the personal use law. 

Choosing the right place to smoke for the first time is always important, you really don’t want to get high in a public space like at your local high school. The first time you try weed we would recommend a safe place that you are familiar with, like your apartment for example. You want to feel comfortable the first time you smoke.

Picking Your Pot

MarijuanaDeipensaryBuying your cannabis can be as easy as going down to your local cannabis dispensaries or ordering it through delivery but make sure not to buy from strangers who advertise online, these guys will often sell you shit weed to be honest. We recommend seeking buying advice from someone close to you like your parents, boyfriend or friends for your first time.

You should note that weed is not just one specific plant but it is broken down into many different strains, each with unique effects. Some people actually like a hybrid of two or more different strains. It may sound daunting but essentially you just need to know the difference between two main types: Indica and Sativa.

Indica strains are more for the good old chill out, they relax the body and perfectly suited for a night on the couch with a movie. Sativa on the other hand is more suited for getting high while still enjoying activities, like social gatherings. Where do hybrids fall you ask, well right in the middle of the two. Hybrids offer a great way to enjoy a bit of both worlds.

Preparing The Essentials

WeedNextToCookieIt is important that you are well prepared when getting high, no person likes being high without access to something to drink and eat. It sounds silly but a dry tongue or throat and the munchies are a very real thing. Make sure you stay hydrated with your favorite beverage or full water bottle and of course snacks.

Don’t skimp on snacks and liquids either, if you usually enjoy one pizza to yourself then strongly consider getting an extra one. Your appreciation for flavor is going to skyrocket when high, the acts of eating and drinking become a euphoric activity in themselves.

The Paraphernalia Debate

BeautifulWomanHoldingBongThere is a constant debate between weed smokers on what the best way to smoke weed is but to be frank this all comes down purely to personal preference. The truth is it’s purely a personal preference and while all methods have their unique characteristics, you must remember it’s your first time smoking and you get to choose what you think is best for you. The most common paraphernalia are joints, bongs and pipes. 

  • A Joint or “the slow boat” are a personal favorite of Roberts as you really get to enjoy the spiritual side of embracing the act of getting high. Having a joint is a slightly more time consuming process but there is nothing like grinding, rolling and consuming your artwork.
  • A Bong is a fun way to smoke, especially when smoking with other people. A Bong adds that entertaining element of hearing the water bubble and watching the cherry glow while you get high. Bongs also add that coolness to the smoke, especially when smoking with cold water or a few ice blocks inside.
  • Pipes are a great travelling smoking utensil as it doesn’t take much to set up a pipe, you don’t need to be near a water source or have to have papers to roll. Pipes are not only convenient but provide a fun way to smoke too, they often come in many creative forms and work like a dream.
  • An honourable mention must be made for those who don’t like smoke, don’t fear you can still get high by vaping. This of course would not involve marijuana but you would have to purchase CBD oil, usually oil is very potent so you should feel the effect of being high to the same degree.

The Feeling

GuyExhalingSmokeAtSunsetThe sad truth is that not everybody gets high the first time they try weed, there’s no science behind it but persistence is key. So how do I know if it is working? Well it differs from person to person but most people experience lazy speech, heavy eyes and the feeling of having a weight lifted off their shoulders. Mundane tasks like sipping on a glass of cola can be extremely enjoyable, be prepared to laugh at yourself and the people around you. The giggles is an amazing effect from being high.

If you are smoking with a group of people then expect some wonderfully strange conversations and ideas to solve the earth’s problems. A good trip might feel like you are diving into a pool of euphoria. 

It is important to note that inhaling cannabis might not be for everybody as some people experience anxiety and paranoia. We suggest that you minimize things that might be strange to you like your environment. Try having a bowl at home or even changing your weed strain, at worst you may need to change up your whole smoking experience to one that makes you feel one hundred percent comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions By First Timers

How much should I buy? And what will it look like?

Remember it’s your first time smoking weed and there’s no need for overkill, we suggest a gram to start. It does depend on what you are buying but generally you get what you pay for in most countries and states. As far as price goes, cannabis can range greatly depending on where you are in the world but in the USA anywhere between $8 to $30 a gram (this is also area dependent).  Cannabis is usually sold in grams or ounces.

Indica or Sativa weed for the first high?

Being high for the first spell is the main objective but choosing the best type of weed for the first high is not as essential as you may think. You’ve made the decision to smoke weed but now all you need is the right cannabis to set you on the best trip, right? You may be surprised to hear this but a cannabis high is the general feeling and it’s your first high so you probably won’t feel the difference too much.

Saying that, it is always good to know the difference and you may be able to feel the difference more than most others due to the makeup of your body. Sativas are more commonly known as the daytime cannabis as they are more for energetic use. Users normally take hits of Sativas when they have tasks that they need to fulfill like hanging out and conversing with friends at a social gathering or completing a grocery shop. Indicas on the other hand are best used when you really need a break from an energetic lifestyle and just want to sink into the couch and relax. Indicas help relax the body and are mostly offered for pain and stress relief. A common term to remember the difference is Indcas are for “in-da-couch”.

Will I really be that hungry the first time?

Cannabis is synonymous with an increased appetite, the mind will often tell you give me something to eat, anything! It is safe to say that everyone  and everything is either someone who can get you something to eat or something to be eaten.  Your mind is definitely going to be thinking about food and more food. We call this the munchies, and thank you marijuana.

Can I get addicted to cannabis?

We personally don’t know anybody who is addicted to cannabis, it does produce a euphoric trip that can be difficult to never want to have again but it doesn’t have any physical properties that you crave and desire when you stop using. It is also important to remember that cannabis is not a performance enhancing drug so most people just use it in their downtime to escape a bit, there are very few functional stoners in the world and those that say they are basically just looking to justify their usage.

What are edibles?

Edibles are foods that are infused with THC from cannabis. Generally they are misused as they take longer to start showing the effects, this is because it takes longer for the THC to work itself through the digestive system. They are usually delicious though but should not be eaten like regular foods, they sometimes only kick in after an hour or two and this is problematic if you’ve eaten more than you should have after thinking that they are not working.

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