A Quick Intro

The Good Giggle was founded by Robert Tate who has more than 20 years of experience in being a “cannabis connoisseur”. Robert spent much of his youth traveling around the world for work, during those travels he found one common element that existed among all nations and that was that people simply loved  SMOKING WEED. Robert has been fortunate enough to smoke so many different strains of marijuana and out of any cannabis smoking paraphernalia you can think of that he thought he should share his bud knowledge with the world. Thus budded the start of The Good Giggle.

Our Mission

Share valuable information about smoking cannabis to our online readers.

Increase the size of the already growing cannabis community around the world.

Provide readers with informative product reviews to enhance their smoking experience.

Who is Robert Tate?


Robert is a Californian born cannabis advocate who has been smoking marijuana since his early twenties. His work as a software developer afforded him the opportunities to travel the world. While traveling the globe he met many individuals from the global pot smoking community where the transfer of international cannabis smoking techniques, cannabis smoking mechanisms and cannabis smoking information occurred. Robert now seeks to share this information with his online readers.

How to get started

Anybody can pick up a gram of weed and start smoking it but if you want to learn about the correct way of smoking to match your vibe then follow our smoking 101 guide.

Our guides

If you already know how you want to utilize your cannabis but are looking for more specifics on your chosen method then check out our recommended guides that delve a bit deeper into the green abyss. 

Where to find us

Address: 864 Arden Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024 USA

Contact Number: (+1) 2053514680 

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