How to Make THC Oil

How to Make Your Own THC Oil What’s in the article? The use of THC is being legalized in many different countries across the world and people are using THC for both recreational and medicinal purposes. THC is one of the main cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It provides psychoactive side effects and therefore …

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Will CBD oil make me sleepy

Will CBD Oil Make Me Sleepy What’s in the article? CBD and CBD oils are becoming increasingly popular. Companies are jumping on the cbd trend and are using cbd in all sorts of products. You cannot go into a grocery store without seeing a person buying a cbd product. There are cbd health shots, gummies, …

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How To Make A DIY Grow Tent

How To Make A DIY Grow Tent What’s in the article? Traditionally, marijuana has been illegal in many countries around the world and therefore many people have grown their own weed. However, now with the legalization of weed in many states, people are now able to buy their own weed with minimal effort. Growing versus …

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Weed smoking games

Weed smoking games What’s in the article? The legalization of thc in some states in the U S, like Colorado, has resulted in cannabis news and content trending on the internet, Youtube and in social media. So now you can source or share cannabis-related information easily. Playing weed smoking games with friends in one of …

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Different types of bongs

Different types of bongs What’s in the article? We all have our reasons for smoking weed. Whether you are concerned about your health or wellness or just want to chill out, marijuana seems to be a great solution. Personally, I think Marijuana has many benefits. I smoke with friends because it helps my body to …

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