Will Eating Less Than A Gram Of Weed Get Me High?


What's in the article?

Firstly we need to look at what actually gets you high when eating an edible, that is of course the THC in weed. This THC has to be activated in order for you to get high and to do this we need heat. The most common method to get high is through smoking it as you use a lighter or some form of ignition to activate the THC and inhale it. 

Edibles unlock the THC through the same process as smoking by heating the weed, the most common ways of doing this are through using an oven or frying pan to heat the raw cannabis and infuse the THC into butter or oil. Eating the infused butter or oil mixed into a delicious cake or cookie mix is most popular but you can use any recipe that requires a bit of butter or oil.

The THC makes its way through your digestive system, where it is absorbed into the bloodstream. The first metabolic process happens in the liver before it continues throughout the rest of the system. It’s because of this process that eating weed can take a long time before you start to get high. Generally an edible can take between 45 minutes to 3 hours, on average 2 hours, before you get high. It’s a long wait but believe me it’s worth it, some people have remained high for up to 8 hours after eating edibles. The basic rules with an edible is long wait, long high.

CookiesNextToCannabisBudEating cannabis infused products can be a scary process if you overindulge, so take it easy. If you are not feeling much after an hour then only look at having a bit more. It’s a common mistake when eating edibles to add to much weed or wanting to eat too many cannabis infused goods. Remember cannabis edibles will most likely only get you high after 2 hours or so.

If you prefer buying edibles than making your own, then you are in luck as many cannabis dispensaries sell edibles. These products may be better to try out the first time as there will be less of a risk of there being too much and the recipes used will probably make the most out of each gram.

So to answer your question, will eating a gram of weed get me high? It all depends on you, many factors come into play. Firstly eating cannabis or smoking cannabis has different effects on each person, some people are able to consume large quantities because of their THC tolerance levels, other people not so much. Secondly we need to look at metabolic function within the liver, grazing cannabis products follows a different path than smoking weed. The liver is where the action happens and your liver’s metabolic rate is what is going to determine the amount required to get you high.Lastly we should look at the gram of bud you are using. The quality of the cannabis will determine the potency of the trip. Each gram of cannabis will have a different THC concentration, The higher concentrations will definitely get you high even when less than a gram is used.

The effects of having an edible are unique compared to other ways of using cannabis however they can be quite scary, especially for a first time user, as you have no control over how long it will last. Minutes may feel like hours, depending on your tolerance, and it might make you want to pick up the phone and dial 911 for help. I would suggest against doing that and simply remember that it will pass eventually so just buckle in and enjoy the ride. 

No matter your tolerance or fears I would suggest trying marijuana infused edibles a few times, you might just like, nay, love them.

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