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Traditionally, marijuana has been illegal in many countries around the world and therefore many people have grown their own weed. However, now with the legalization of weed in many states, people are now able to buy their own weed with minimal effort.

Growing versus buying


Everyone loves gardening and you can find a lot of fun ideas online using DIY items available at home. Growing your own cannabis plant gives you full control over the growing environment. In the long term, you’ll also save money, despite spending abit initially to set up your indoor tent. Grow your own marijuana if you are not worried about a strong odor indoors or theft.


The benefit with buying is the convenience and immediate access. It can be difficult to find a legal dispensary and the price might be out of your budget. I personally prefer the growing experience because I love watching my seedlings grow into plants. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

Growing marijuana DIY Style using a grow tent or grow box:

Using a DIY grow tent or box to grow marijuana plants gives you full control over the temperature, amount of sunlight and humidity level. To name a few benefits, a DIY grow tent or box should fit within your budget and do not require a lot of work or space to set up.

Grow tent versus a grow box:

A grow box is solid whereas a grow tent has a plastic/fabric cover. Plants grown in an enclosed grow box have less space and air which can result in plants grown in a grow box to suffer from heat damage. You can buy a pre-assembled grow box so the benefits are that it is easier, looks better and the grow box system has a built-in fan which helps control the odor of the plants.

Where to put your DIY Grow tent?

You’ll need to select the best environment for your DIY grow tent. I can name many places in your house that have the potential for great results e.g. your room, garage, kitchen or basement. Consider the following requirements for DIY growing conditions to guide the best site for where to place your grow tent:

  • Grow tents need to be in a safe and secure area
  • The room of choice should have sufficient space for your plant to grow
  • The selected place should be away from your entertainment area so that your family or friends cannot smell or see
  • Growing in a tent requires access to electricity so the grow room must have plug points available

Important factors of a DIY grow tent

Before you start to buy the different materials for the grow tent setup, consider your grow tent environment and ensure that you have everything you need to produce magnificent cannabis plants:

  • You’ll need the grow tent to be waterproof to prevent excess moisture
  • Your grow tent needs to provide sufficient airflow to prevent bacteria from growing. A lack of air can lead to increased humidity levels
  • You’ll need your grow tent to be lightproof to prevent light leaking through gaps in the tent during darkness. The lighting affects the growth and flowering of the plant  
  • For success, follow these tent measurements: A size of 1.5 x 2M is optimal

Setting up a grow tent inside

You'll need:

PVC piping or a shelving unit:

Using PVC piping is a cost effective way to build the grow tent but it requires a few more steps. Adjustable shelving systems might be abit more expensive but they require less work, tools and time. I have seen some guides online showing other ideas like using wood, hula hoops or a canvas wardrobe. One tutorial showed an idea saving you a hundred $ by using a hula hoop. I don’t comment on these ideas in my articles on my website but try Googling some articles, watch a tutorial and read some article reviews before attempting these ideas.

For the PVC grow tent

  • 19mm PVC pipes – 16x straight pipes for the verticals and horizontals
  • 8x 90-degree corner fittings
  • 4x t-fittings
  • 1x cross fittings
  • One Hand Saw
Panda Film:

Panda film is my recommended material to use to build the walls of the grow tent frame.

  • The black side of the film must be used on the outside to absorb light
  • The white side will be used on the inside to reflect light
  • Other options of materials that I would recommend are Foylon or Mylar poly. Mylar is a poly film that is highly reflective and cheaper than Foylon. Poly can tear easily when cleaning and does not offer the same durability as foylon. The preference of materials will depend on your budget
LED Grow Lights- LED lights are durable and energy efficient:
  • 4 LED lights
  • It is better to use LED. Grow tents with HID grow lights might be cheaper in the short term, but they will need to be replaced after two harvests
  • If you are not worried about the smell then you can use a normal fan
Velcro or Cable Ties:
  • You’ll need Velcro for the purpose of sealing the opening of the tent.

Growing tent setup in 4 steps

This guide will show you an easy way to build your grow tent and start growing your plants in no time. The process and order of steps is easy to follow, but in fact someone might have better ideas so feel free to leave your thoughts on this post and comment on this article on my blog and I will try to reply to all the comments as quickly as possible.

Step 1: Create the frame of the DIY grow tent

Using PVC

  • Use the hack saw to re-size the pipe pieces to the correct size of your grow tent
  • Build the frame of your grow tent using four pipes for the vertical side of the tent, four for the base of the frame and eight for the roof of the frame
  • Use the fittings to connect the pipes and create the frame
  • The roof of your grow tent should have a cross fitting in the middle to provide extra stability

Using a shelving unit

  • Build a shelf using the unit and make sure that the top shelf is wide enough to hold the lights and tall enough to provide sufficient space for your plants to grow vertically

Step 2: Create the tent cover for the frame

Using PVC

  • Start with the tent walls by tightly wrapping a single sheet of film around 3 of the 4 walls. Ensure that it is stuck to the PVC pipes on the fourth wall as this will become the opening of the tent
  • Use another piece of film to cover the roof of the tent, making sure that that there is an overlap of atleast 3-5cm so that the tent is lightproof and waterproof. Use tape to stick down the film and cover any light or water leaks
  • Measure the length from the middle of the roof to the floor and then cut a piece of film this length and secure it to the roof of your grow tent using tape. Using Velcro, secure it to the frame on the bottom and side
  • The tent will be covered twice – once with the white panda film and then secondly with the black film for the outside of the tent

Using a shelving unit

  • In this case, simply drape the film or polyester over the shelving system with the black side facing outwards
  • One of the edges will be on the top shelf and an edge will be laying on each of the shelves’ sides
  • Use duct tape to stick the edges
  • Leftover material will be used to make the doorway

Step 3: Install the fan and light into the grow tent

  • Each grow light has its own instructions so read them carefully to ensure that the light is working correctly
  • Pull the power cord of the grow light through a small opening in the roof of the tent. Prevent additional lighting by sealing the sides with duct tape
  • Place the fans on the ground beneath your shelving system or PVC frame
  • Make sure that you can easily access the switch of the fans or buy a fan with a remote control

Step 4: Modify your DIY Grow tent

  • Make any required modifications to improve your grow test
  • Improve the temperature in the grow tent by cutting small ventilation slits at the top of the tent to reduce the temperature inside
  • Some blogs and guides suggest spending cash on equipment like a humidity sensor or humidifier to ensure optimum levels to grow a marijuana plant

Your DIY grow tent is now ready

Your DIY grow tent is now ready so you can start gardening. You can start by using cuttings of cannabis plants or clones of cannabis plants, however I would recommend starting with seeds as there is something more fulfilling about watching plants grow from seeds. You will need gardening tools to germinate the seeds first and you will need a large, sturdy container filled with nitrogen-rich soil to grow the seeds.

Thanks for reading this article and if you still have questions or comments then head over to Youtube or Facebook and watch some tutorials because each video provides great information, tips and tricks on how to create perfect DIY grow tents on a small budget. Make sure to read my other articles on this website because I provide my own personal tips to help you make the the perfect weed edible cookies with your own DIY grown harvest.

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