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What's in the article?

Smoking a joint is one of those activities in life that helps you relax and clear your mind. Some prefer products like cannabis cookies, but rolling a joint is far quicker to do. You can buy pre-made cannabis products but nothing provides you with a stronger taste of the flower than a joint. If you do not like the taste of cannabis, there is a recipe showing you how to make cannabis cookies on my site. Whatever you prefer, there are many ways to roll a joint and every weed smoker should be able to roll a joint like a pro. Therefore, I am going to give you a step by step guide showing you from top to bottom how to roll a joint and the different rolling techniques available. You can then choose your preferred way to roll a joint. There are many different types of joints that you can roll so you will want to make an informed choice. A joint should provide a smooth smoke with an even burn. Obviously the purpose of rolling a joint is to smoke and get high, but in the process of rolling a joint and taking a puff you can actually create something special. The news highlights many different trends surrounding cannabis use, particularly around the health benefits of herb. Knowing how to roll a joint will help to ensure that you keep up with the times and have the best experience. It provides the perfect mix between creativity and functionality.

What you need in order to roll a joint

Firstly, start by reading this article on my website and find a clean surface or object which provides some stability like a table or a tray. Take some time to make sure that you have access to a mix of the following materials before you start smoking: joint paper/paper with a strip of adhesive, a grinder, a pen, a business card to create joint filters/crutch etc. Take my word for it, beginners should start off with half a gram of weed. If you are more experienced, using a lighter cannabis strain or are sharing the joint with many people then you can increase this amount to a gram. In cannabis culture, rolling joints has become a form of art so follow these tips in the article, get to work and enjoy the experience. On another note, you should stock up on some papers from Amazon. These products require a lot of trial and error so rather ensure that you are in a position where you have everything you need before you start practising.

How to roll a joint

A joint is the simplest cannabis roll. It is basically a homemade cigarette with weed. Smokers place the cannabis into a single paper which includes a strip of glue. They place a mix of cannabis into the paper and then roll the joint into a straight tube shape using their fingertips and thumbs. They then lick the paper and stick down the outside part with the glue. This product requires only one material and does not take a lot of time to create. However, below I am going to show you how to roll a joint that is considered the most classic form of joint rolling. It uses a piece of cardboard as a filter at the bottom section of the joint to ensure a smooth smoke. Remember, consistency is key to ensure an even burn.

Step 1:

This is the fun and therapeutic part. Grind the weed using a grinder, scissors or even your fingers. With your hand, shake the weed and make sure that the pieces of cannabis are properly broken down into a fine mix. Obviously, using a grinder is the best way to grind and break down the buds to ensure consistency.

Step 2:

Make a crutch/filter at one end of the joint. A crutch or filter is made from a piece of cardboard or a business card. In order to create the filter, you will need to use your hands to fold the cardboard in a way that produces accordion folds. The thickness of the crutch should be the same desired width of your joint and should be placed at the end tip of the rolling paper.The filter will prevent the weed from falling into your mouth and prevent you from burning your fingers or hand whilst smoking.

Step 3:

Fill the middle of the rolling paper with the crutch and the weed. Use your finger to pack each bit of the weed to ensure that the weed is evenly distributed from the bottom to the top of the joint. If there are large buds at the top or the tip of the joint then you will not get an even burn. If there is a part of the joint that has hardly any weed in it then you might end up burning your thumbs on the outside of the joint whilst smoking.

Step 4:

Once the rolling paper is filled with the weed, then you can begin to roll the joint. Hold the paper between your fingers and pinch the two sides of the paper together. Begin rolling the joint back and forth by rolling the sides of the paper against one another.

Step 5:

Start at the end with the crutch and roll the unglued side of the rolling paper over towards the side with the glue. Then do a final roll of the paper, lick the glue side in order to add a bit of moisture and then stick it down to seal the joint closed.

Step 6:

This is the final part. Pack the weed tightly at the end of the joint. You can use a pen, a small stick, a shoelace or even the drawstring from your hoodie to help to do this. Make sure that the bud is compact and then use scissors to twist the filter. By opening it up a little, there is a more even flow of smoke through the spliff.

Now that you know what material and equipment you need and how to roll a joint, step up and get to work! For your consideration, here are some other things that you can create with cannabis.

How to roll a joint in other ways or shapes

The cannabis community has developed some serious rolling skills over the years and the above method is more of an old school way. So now I am going to show you some more creative methods and ways on how to roll a joint.

How to roll a joint using a dollar bill:


Instead of cardboard, you can use a dollar bill to roll a joint. You need to fold the bill in half, pack the weed into the bill, place rolling paper behind the bill and start rolling. Once it is packed, you simply lick the bill and stick it to the opposite side in order to seal the joint.

How to roll a joint that looks like a cone:


This is a simple joint rolling technique which shows you how to roll a joint into a cone shape. Here, your goal is to create a cone joint where the joint is widest at the tip and narrow at the filter edge. In order to do this, you will need to roll the filter paper first, keeping it very tight around the filter. Seal it with the side with the glue in order to make the cone shape. The weed is then packed into the joint afterwards. Amazon has even created packs for you to purchase which conveniently include a variety of parts to help you create the best cone shape for your joint.

Cross joint:

This information shows you how to roll a joint which is made from two joints that come together in the middle to form one cross joint. This provides you with three ends to light. Roll the two joints, with one thinner than the other. Cut a hole through the thicker joint close to the filter. Then make a hole in the center of the thinner joint and connect the joints by moving the thinner joint through the hole in the thicker one. The holes in the paper must line up to create a way that provides a passage of airflow of smoke directly to your lungs.


This shows you how to roll a joint that is thinner than most joints and looks similar to a home-made cigarette. You will roll a joint in this way if you are running low on bud and need the joint to last longer. You can use the classic guide and steps above, but use less cannabis and roll the joint paper more tightly to create the pinner.

For The Advanced

How to roll a joint that looks like a tulip:

Follow these steps which show you how to roll a joint that looks like a flower. You will need three rolling papers. Create a square by sticking two rolling papers along the side. Fold the square in half to create a pouch, by sealing the edges closed on the glued side.The pouch creates the head of the tulip. Pack the joint with cannabis and loosely twist it together. Roll a classic joint following the guide above and insert this joint into the twisted pouch. Then tie the pouch and joint together creating the head and stem of the flower.

How to roll a joint that looks like a shotgun:

If you want to become an impressive joint roller then you should master this joint rolling technique. Follow the tips above to create a classic joint, but reduce the paper size by cutting one quarter of the paper on the unglued side to create two joints which are abit smaller. Then take normal sized rolling paper and cover both joints with tape to seal the joints together. This double joint shape looks like the barrel of a shotgun and these tricks will impress other smokers.

How to roll a joint with a triple braid:

I am going to show you how to roll a joint that will give you a stronger hit and will show off your joint rolling skills to other people. You need to roll three extra long classic joints, by using two rolling papers stuck together. Then join each joint at the filter edge to create a triangle and use some tape to stick the papers together at the filters.Then you braid each joint, by folding them over each other until each joint is intertwined. Twist the tops of the papers so that they are all sealed. Bring the joint to your mouth, inhale the smoke in style and enjoy the effects with your people.

How to roll a joint that looks like a scorpion:

I am sure that you have seen lots of articles, information or pictures online or in the news about scorpion joints. They are popular in the news because they look epic. For a beginner, this way to roll a joint looks too intimidating to try at home, but the shape makes it a great mix of art and function. You will need to roll a large joint by using king sized joint papers. Cut a piece off of each of the papers to make smaller papers which you will use to roll one medium sized joint and a few smaller joints. You should have one fat joint and at least four smaller joints in total. Use tweezers to poke a hole in the paper near the front of the fat joint and push the medium sized joint through this hole. Create smaller holes at the bottom bit of the joint paper and push the rest of the smaller joints through these holes to create the legs of the scorpion.This is an impressive looking hit but becareful of the weed strain used. If you use one of the stronger strains and you don’t share with other people, you might find yourself in a situation where you are too high and feel like you are in outer space.

You can pretty much create anything using some material that has a strip of adhesive on it to ensure that you can seal the weed into the product. Now to enjoy the rewarding part. The thing is, at this point you should be fairly comfortable rolling a joint in no time so share a video of yourself following the steps. Share it to my website for my audience to see. I will read the posts and comments to see if there is any information regarding the basics that I have left off or any other content you need in order to perfect this process. Thanks for the feedback, it helps me to improve my site in order to be a better source of information for my fellow stoners.

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