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The legalization of thc in some states in the U S, like Colorado, has resulted in cannabis news and content trending on the internet, Youtube and in social media. So now you can source or share cannabis-related information easily. Playing weed smoking games with friends in one of my favourite things to do at a party. However, there are so many different weed smoking games to choose from with so many different articles providing us with information. So here is a variety of my favourite games and the reasons why stoners prefer each one so that you can make an informed decision. I would not recommend combining drinking games with weed games. In my experience, it is not fun to mix liquor and weed unless you do not have a problem with greening out on cannabis. However, most drinking games can be adapted to marijuana games by using pot instead of different types of drink. So here is a list of my favorites games in the country, which u can share with others. As a heads up, make sure you have a large supply of bud before you get started and use dry herb rather than potent concentrates to avoid over shooting the mark.

Weed Jenga

All you need is some music and Jenga. Play normally by removing one of the Jenga blocks from the tower and placing the piece on top of the tower. You can transform it into of the most entertaining smoking games by writing rules related to cannabis on each piece, i.e. a rule could be to take a hit of two joints at once or roll a dice to determine the number of hits you need to take.

Bong Pong

Bong pong is just like beer pong, you need at least 18 cups and a pong ball. However, instead of being filled with beer to drink, the cup/jar is filled with munchies treats like candy or cookies. Just like beer pong, there are two teams each with a set of cups on the opposite side of a table and every time someone throws the ping-pong ball and it lands in the opening of the other team’s cup then the other team player must take a hit from a bong, instead of drinking beer. This game obviously requires a lot of weed so make sure you have a large stash of marijuana available or a mix including a lighter strain of bud. You can adjust the rules of this game slightly to work for you, i.e. if the ball lands in the drink then the players get to smoke weed. This game is the business so give bong pong a try.

Never have I ever smoking weed game

This is one of those ones that require very little effort to set up. Never have I ever is one of the most popular drinking games and one of the most scandalous weed smoking games. Get a group of at least four friends together and you need nothing besides weed to play. Take turns to complete the phrase….”Never have I ever” with a statement of something that you have never done. Let your imagination run wild here! Your friends have to take a hit every time they have done whatever was mentioned. Basically it is the same process as the drinking game, instead smoking marijuana is the source of fun instead of drinking.

Smoking Word

This is one of those awesome weed games to play in a group. Everyone needs their own smoking device i.e. bong, dab rig or pipe/pipes used to vaporize cannabis concentrates. You will need to choose a song, a tv show or a movie to play and words that appear in the chosen song or movie. Everyone needs to take a hit for all the times the chosen words are mentioned in the song or movie. My recommendation would be to choose a chilled singer like Bob Marley and a song like Jammin. Jammin is the best song because the Jammin is mentioned continuously throughout the song resulting in lots of cannabis consumption. For fun, use a horror movie or video game and an object instead of a word. For example, take a hit every time you see a ghost on the tv screen.


Medusa is cool for a larger group. Everyone sits in a circle and stares at the ground for a few seconds before someone shouts out “Medusa.” At this moment, everyone has to look up at another payer and stare at their face, in their eyes. If the player is staring back at you then you are both a winner and each get to take a toke.

Cannabis Charades

This is a fun game if you have roughly ten people. Each person becomes an actor and has to act out other people, characters, cities, animals or celebrities depending on what category is listed on the cards picked. Split the group into two teams and the other players in the team have to guess what thing the actor is acting out in the specific time frame. The team with the most right guesses are the winners and are allowed to smoke the weed.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

This weed game is a version of the old school game that is very close to my heart. Everyone has played this at a young age. The beauty is that there only needs to be two of you to play the game. Each player has to use their hands to make the shape of a rock, paper or scissors at the count of three. Paper beats rock, scissors beats paper and the power of a rock beats scissors. The winner of each round gets to smoke weed. You can also play with a group of more people and let each pair play at the same time. The winners of each round will take a toke and the losers will be eliminated until there are only two people left in the final. The last man standing will receive their own joint to smoke.

Spinning the wheel

This is also a weed version of another one of the classic games that we all used to play when we were younger. You can make your own spinner out of cardboard box and include different things that someone has to do on each end of the spinner rim. One sheet allows someone to take a puff. Each player gets a turn to spin and each command should put the players to work.

Strip Choker

Strip choker is one of those game that is not ideal for a large group because each players must have something to smoke out of. Everyone has to take a hit at the same time and hold it in for as long as possible. The first person to exhale or cough loses and has to remove an item of clothing. Don’t be that person that tries to ruin the fun part and comes dressed to the party in a huge amount of clothing. This game is a great test of your lung capacity and the point is to get well baked and naked.

Bong Races

Bong races is one of the kind of weed games that require each person to have something to smoke out of. Everyone should have either a bowl or a pipe that holds a similar amount of cannabis. One player will be nominated as the referee and will start the smoke session. The first person to finish all the weed in their bowl is the winner of the game. If you are a stoner that likes to take their time and savor each hit then this game is probably not the right one for you. However, give it a chance and it might surprise you and score higher than you think.

Ash Bomber

This is a great game to play for a larger number of players. You need a joint, a rubber band, a penny, a cup and a sheet of toilet paper/tissue paper. Cover the top of the cup with the paper and the band and then put the penny in the center on top. The first player needs to take a few tokes, hold in the smoke, burn a hole, exhale and then pass onto the next person who will do the same. A player is the loser if their burn results in a coin fall.

Power Hour

This weed game is based on a drinking game where everyone takes a shot of beer every minute for a full hour. You need lots of cannabis for this game and I would not use your best weed for this kind of game because everyone needs to take a hit every 60 seconds for 60 minutes. I prefer to make a playlist of songs beforehand with some great tunes, i.e. anything from Bob Marley the Wailers. Every time a new song starts, each participant will take a hit.

Band Name

Someone will start by naming either a musician or pop group. Then another player has to name another musician or group whose name starts with the last letter of the previously mentioned musician or group. If one of the players is unable to name a new group/musician with the right letter then they lose and have to take a toke. I like playing this weed game with abit of a twist by using other categories such as using the last letter of the names of different actors, celebrities, countries or party games. Your categories can also be very specific like art exhibitions/sites in Barcelona, ski resorts in Colorado, towns in Canada or even different Nintendo games and you can alternate the categories for different rounds.

Name that tune

Name that tune is a similar game but is one of the more deceivingly difficult weed games. I don’t know about you but when I get on the ganja, my attention span is limited and my mind sails off to all sorts of places so trying to remember names is really difficult. Each person chooses a song and when the songs are all played, anyone can guess the name of the songs. You can play another variation of this game by choosing another category like names of movies. The person who provides the correct answer is rewarded with hits from bongs. The more stoned you get, the funnier the answers become.

Stoner with a straight face

This weed game seems pretty easy to beginners but as you consume more cannabis, you realize that it is actually not as easy as it seems. Before you start, the participants must agree on a penalty for the loser, like taking shots. The challenge is to start smoking weed and keep a straight face. There is a punishment for every smile so every time someone smiles then they have to pay the penalty by doing whatever was agreed.


Greenjack is based on the premise of Blackjack except it involves blunts. So basically you play blackjack as usual with some playing cards. Each person can choose to take a card or hold and the first person to get to 21 gets the reward to take a hit. You can adjust the rules slightly to add extra penalties for going bust like taking a shot of alcohol.

Mentioning Marijuana

This is a simple marijuana game which you can play at home with a stoner friend. The goal is to take a puff every time the word marijuana is mentioned in a tv show or movie. The point is to choose movies which would mention marijuana many times. Use your creativity here because you can also pick another category, for example every time the backup singers sing then you have to take a puff or every time opponents score in a football game etc.

Last man standing

This is one of those weed games that will not be fun if you are a beginner. Experts enjoy this smoking game because the goal is to take many puffs and get seriously high. People end up smoking weed until passing out. This game is better for groups of at least six or eight smokers. Everyone takes a turn to take a bong rip until no one is able to smoke anymore weed.

Traffic Lights

This is a fun game for two of you. One person smokes weed from a joint and passes the joint to his opponent who also takes a hit from the joint. Each person has to hold the smoke in until it his turn to smoke the joint again and the number of hits that you have to take increases by one each round.


This is a great game for a bunch of friends at a party. Start by setting the rules for the number of hits required for each round. One or two hits is probably best. Everyone sit in a circle and the first player takes a hit before passing to the next person. Each person needs to hold in their smoke while the joint is passed around the circle. Anyone who exhales or coughs misses out on the next round.

Seven tokes to infinity

This is not one of those weed games for a first timer. This is one of those games for someone who spends alot of time smoking weed. It is better to use bongs for this game and you have to take seven hits from the bong in a row, without taking a breath in between. You need to hold each hit for a count of at least two seconds. The winner is the one who does not cough or choke in between.

High card

This card game is one of those weed games which you can play with a bunch of friends and is adapted from a classic game. You will need a deck of cards which you will shuffle. The idea is to place one card from the deck face down in front of each player and then place another one on top. Each player will now have two cards and will need to guess if the new card is higher or lower than the first one. Winners take a hit of marijuana and the losers get nothing.

Joint rolling races

This is on my list as one of the best weed games because it allows you to sharpen up on your joint rolling skills and style and to win the title of best joint roller among all your guests. Each player needs some rolling paper and the same amount of herb. You can select up to two judges who will manage the time and check the end product. Its an action packed game and gets quite competitive.

One word story

This is one of the most hilarious weed games to play in groups. One person starts a story by saying a word. Then others take turns to add to the story. The reason that this game is so fun is because everyone gets involved and the stories that are created are so bizarre and left field.

Running man

This is one of those action packed weed games to play outside. You will need a few joints and everyone forms a line, takes some tokes and has to sprint to a certain point in your garden, according to your specific rules. I can put together a list of plenty injuries that I have seen occur in this game so my advice is to run on a soft surface like grass. For example, I have seen people falling into a flower bed and landing on their heads. People have broken their nose and scraped their hand. It is still one of my favorites games though because you feel like a kid again.

Obstacle course

This is the best weed game to play at parties. It’s so simple but when you are high, it is a real challenge. You can set up the course in your living room using a variety of things. I usually use supplies that are available in my house like pillows, blankets, fruits, plants, a phone, a table, chairs etc. I place some ganja along different sections of the course so that each player has a drag of a joint or a hit from a bong along the way. Remember it is a race so the fastest person wins the competition. The trouble with this game is that it is one of the most dangerous smoking games because people tend to trip over their own feet when they are high. Use soft items in the middle of the course to avoid any serious head injuries or anything like that. You can play anywhere outdoors using some stone and water to form the course.

Smoking Game

Play one of your favourite card games or video games and the winner of each round gets to take a smoke from a joint. One of the best video games to use for this is Mario Kart because Mario Kart 64 is a really quick game and you get to have a smoke after each small game. You can also use a classic board game to play.

These are my top picks and none of them are too complicated. Your only task now is to make a choice on what you want to play. Once you have decided, phone a friend, try one out and share your experience with the rest of the world on my site.

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