Different types of bongs


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We all have our reasons for smoking weed. Whether you are concerned about your health or wellness or just want to chill out, marijuana seems to be a great solution. Personally, I think Marijuana has many benefits. I smoke with friends because it helps my body to relax and helps me clear my mind. It also helps me de-stress, sleep better and reduce muscle pain. Nowadays, I even give my dog CBD products to help reduce his anxiety. My morning dog walks have become a breeze. People have unique smoking preferences and choose different smoking devices, but my personal preference is the smoking experience from a bong. Bongs come in many categories according to the variety of designs, styles, shapes and sizes available. There are so many different types of bongs available, and most smokers try each style and design out fairly quickly after they reach smoking age, however each smoker generally finds one style of bong that they prefer to smoke from. Whether the reason is that the bong is easy to clean, provides a smoother smoke, a better taste or simply looks the best. Either way, smokers have a choice to make according to their specific needs. I therefore decided to write this article to help guide you in choosing the one bong that is right for you. So read away, head to your local head shop, light up, smoke and you will be in outer space in no time!

Different Types of Bongs

There are many different styles of bongs, types of bong material and different bong sizes which results in many different types of bongs to choose from. We all have different tastes. Look and style is always a personal choice, however there are some things to consider – some pros and cons. Rather refer to fact in order to ensure that you make the right choice for you

The different bong materials

Over time, stoners have found numerous things and materials to smoke tobacco out of. You can use plastic bongs, ceramic bongs, silicone bongs, acrylic bongs, glass bongs and the list of materials continues. However, each individual style of bong tends to have different characteristics which either provide an advantage, such as convenience or affordability, or a downside, such as additional cleaning requirements, a higher cost or other drawbacks. I have provided you with a list of the different bong materials below to help you choose what works for you.

Glass Bongs
According to most reviews, a glass bong is one of the most popular types of bong 

because the glass tube provides the benefit of a clean taste and greater mouth feel. The performance of these bongs is also improved with the use of an array of accessories such as various types of percolators or downstems. Glass can be blown into many different shapes so these bongs come in many different designs. However, this beauty and higher quality smoke often comes with a higher price tag. Borosilicate glass bongs are particularly popular because the glass is much stronger and can handle higher temperatures to prevent the bong breaking when smoking or handling.

Plastic Bongs

Plastic bongs are also fairly popular because they are great to travel with. Having travelled the world, I have experienced the percs of these products. A plastic bong is far more durable because it does not shatter or make a mess when it breaks, like glass bongs do. A plastic bong is also more accessible to the majority of budget smokers. However, in my opinion, even though plastic bongs are a better deal, the plastic tube impacts the flavor and therefore I would rather spend the extra money on a glass bong.

Ceramic Bongs

Ceramic bongs are added to a shopping cart because they are available in a number of different styles, designs, shapes, sizes and colors. However, these products are not the kind of bong that you want to travel with, for the reason that these bongs can be rather heavy.

Metal Bongs 

Bongs made from metal are more durable and the prices are more affordable, however these bongs do not win any popularity competitions with the stoner community because it is difficult for customers to add any attachments to the metal water pipe such as ash catchers, a downstem, a diffuser or an ice catcher which would ultimately improve any hit.The dark color of the pipe also means that the smoker cannot see the smoke content within the pipe.

Silicone Bongs 

Bongs made out of silicone offer one of the best water pipe designs, however they are not optimal for filtration, cooling and percolation. However, a benefit is that you can definitely find a bong in this material in a price range that works for you.

Acrylic Bongs 

There are a collection of different bong styles available in this material and you will easily find a design, shape and size that works for you.

Bamboo Bongs 

A bamboo bong can last for ages as they are very durable. They vary from very simple to quite fancy with other materials, pieces or unique paintings on the bamboo.


The different water bong designs

Again, there are lots of bong designs to choose from so I have summarized my personal analysis of each one below.

Carburetor Bongs

Carburetor bongs have a carburetor hole in the middle of the bong. The hole  allows fresh air to enter the bong which provides a stronger hit.

Straight Tube Bong

Straight tube bongs are a popular bong design.They include one straight tube and often include percolators to provide a smoother hit.

Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs are similar to a straight tube bong but the bottom has a cone shape which forms the bong beaker. Hence, beaker bongs have a larger base than other types of bongs. The beaker bong therefore has a larger bottom to add at least one or two percolators to.

Round Base Bongs

Bongs with a round base have a sphere-shaped water chamber with a flat base. This shape allows them to be more stable than straight tube bongs or beaker bongs. A round base bong has a wider base which makes it more sturdy.

Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs, or perc bongs, contain a piece of glass which disseminates the smoke before it passes through the water, which cools down the smoke and produces bubbles. A percolator bong therefore creates a fun and satisfying effect for a user of legal age. A splash guard is usually present on bongs with heavy percolation to prevent water from the bubble entering the piece that connects with your mouth. Honeycomb percs are perc bongs which include a round disk with small holes, a honeycomb disc, to allow for more water filtration and maximum cooling to improve the bong experience.

Multi-Chamber Bong

There is more than one chamber in a multi-chamber bong and the water pipes are available in numerous designs which transform cannabis use into a work of art. Multi-chamber bongs provide a smooth smoke, however they are more expensive and harder to clean. Multi-chamber bongs are similar to recycler bongs, except recycler bongs recycle the smoke within one chamber whereas the smoke travels to a second chamber in multi-chamber bongs.

Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs use the vacuum created when water leaves a restricted space. There are two types of gravity bongs namely bucket and waterfall. If you are like me and into DIY, then you will probably want to try making your own home-made gravity bong. For something different, instead of creating a vacuum, you can also create a water drain at the bottom of the bong. Once the water leaves the bottom of the bong, you can inhale through the mouthpiece giving you a smooth flavor.

Dab rigs

Dab rigs are fairly new and smaller than most bongs, making them easier to travel with. By purchasing a dab rig and a glass bowl, you can create a cheaper alternative to expensive bongs with hits that are just as smooth.


Bubblers are mini bongs which are affordable and easy to travel with. They are a combination of water pipes and bowls, i.e. a funnel bowl, flower bowl or metal bowls etc. to hold the tobacco, which can provide the same functionality as hand pipes with the same smoothness provided by a bong.

So in conclusion, whenever anyone asks me what my personal best is, out of the hundreds of options available and many differences and factors to consider, I answer with my confession that I am a collector of the percolator bong. The benefits of percolators, in combination with thick glass, creates smooth hits and a durable bong. Therefore, I am a percolator fan and a percolator man.

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